Corrosion is a natural process that attacks the underbody and internal panels. Protect your vehicle from corrosion by applying the 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments. 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments provide exceptional durability and offer complete rust protection.


Long-term protection against corrosion. Protection of internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities that are not physically accessible but are prone to corrosion.

  • Sound deadening property : A noiseless, smooth driving experience by minimizing sound underneath the car.
  • Heat insulation property : Creates comfortable interiors by insulating the interior of the car from extreme temperatures from beneath the vehicle.
  • Anti-chipping property : The protective coating does not chip if any stone or sharp object hits against the coated area.

Underbody Protection

Underbody Protection doesn't just prevent rust in your car's under-body caused by water and time, but also deadens road sounds, insulates against the heat & cold and prevents chipping due to stones.

Internal Panel Protection

Internal Panel Protection long-term protection against rust of internal door panels, frame rails, inner rocker panels and physically inaccessible cavities.


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