The exteriors of a car is something that is prone to damage from a variety of sources. Although the damage may be gradual, the difference will definitely show with the passage of time. Other, more important dangers like rust, scratches and nicks can seriously put the life of your car in danger. For a new car, it is possible to protect it and hence ensure that the beauty and the excitement lasts longer, without any periodic attention.


UV Protection

UV Protection against fading prevents paint fade on the car exterior due to exposure to UV rays. It doesn't just protect your car from this natural oxidation but also gives a durable, ultra-high gloss. Recommended for all new cars.

Exterior Beautification

Exterior Beautification is suitable for any age and condition of car. The treatment thoroughly cleans and shines the car surface to create a rich, 'just like new' look and covers painted surfaces, engine compartment, tyres, glasses, bumpers and rubber/plastic parts.

Minor Scratch/Swirl Removal & Surface Enhancement

Minor Scratch/Swirl removal and Surface Enhancement removes light/medium scratches, oxidation, stains and paint imperfections resulting in a brilliant, durable, 'wet look' finish. Restores natural sheen to painted surfaces, engine compartment, tyres, glass and rubber/vinyl parts.


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